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Dr. Vinh Nguyen
Senior Lecturer
Room 217 Dalton Building
School of Chemistry
The University of New South Wales
Sydney Australia 2052

Email: t.v.nguyen[at]
Tel: +61-2-9385 6167

Image result for newScientia PhD Scholarship available to join the Nguyen’s group:

The University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia provides the highly prestigious Scientia PhD scholarships. These feature an AU$40,000 per annum stipend (tax-free) for four years, plus coverage of all tuition fees, as well as a further AU$10,000 each year to develop your career and support your international research collaborations, plus coaching and mentoring as part of a highly personalised leadership development plan.

One Scientia scholarships is available for a PhD student to work on an interdisciplinary organic synthesis and chemical biology project with Dr Vinh Nguyen (Chemistry) and Dr Daniel Hesselson (Medicine) as joint primary supervisors. Assoc. Prof. Shelli McAlpine (Chemistry) will also provide additional support as secondary supervisor.

Expression of interest to apply for this scholarship here: (

Project description: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a degenerative condition that affects movement, causing tremors and stiffness as well as other non-motor symptoms. There is no cure for PD. Our preliminary work using a novel vertebrate screening platform has identified five possible drug leads to slow or halt PD progression. This project will employ advanced cascade chemical reaction sequences that will produce derivatives of these five drug leads. The chemical efficiency of our approach will enable the production of large numbers of structurally diverse molecules. These compounds will be rapidly evaluated for their phenotyped using an established whole organism PD-relevant bioassay, which will map out structure-activity relationships. This project will offer a student the unique opportunity to engage in multidisciplinary training in both synthetic chemistry and biology. It is anticipated that the student will establish a robust synthesis, and structure-activity relationship of these molecules within a Parkinson’s disease model.

If you are a candidate with prior background and research experience in Organic Chemistry, please send an Expression of Interest via the link above. Enquiries about this should be sent by email with CV + academic transcripts to Dr Vinh Nguyen [t.v.nguyen[at]]. The email subject should be: Application for Scientia PhD scholarship




We always welcome Honours, MPhil, MSc and PhD students, so please email me about your interest. I am more than happy to support applications for tuition fee scholarships and stipends for Australian and international students:

Research Training Program (RTP) (Australian MSc and PhD students)

International Research Training Program (RTP) (PhD scholarships for international students)

Endeavour Scholarships (PhD stipends for international students)

Australia Awards (International students from developing countries)

China Scholarships Council (PhD stipends for Chinese students)

Indonesia Joint Scholarship Program (PhD stipends for Indonesian students)

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Research Grants  (short stays for PhD students)

Swiss National Science Foundation (short stays for PhD students, postdoc fellowships)

Marie Curie out-going Fellowships (EU citizens only, short stays, postdoc fellowships)

Unfortunately I currently do not have any funding for postdocs  but I am happy to support suitable candidates for Fellowship applications.