Current Members at UNSW:


The Nguyen group’s table at Chemistry Ball winter 2017

Demelza Lyons (PhD student)

Demelza Lyons (3rd year PhD student):

Hi there! Demelza’s my name and chemistry’s my game! I originally set out in this world as an artist and graphic designer, after a few years however, I decided to take a different fork in the road and pursue a different career. I went back to college and a passionate teacher there showed me the love of chemistry, I changed my direction again, and I haven’t looked back since! My design and photography skills still come in handy now and again though.

Reece Crocker (PhD student)

Reece Crocker (3rd year PhD student):

Hey. My names Reece. I started my PhD here at UNSW in 2015 after moving from Perth. Before that I had work doing a few odd jobs around the place before settling into what I love…chemistry. I enjoy jumping on my bike for a cruise, watching AFL and cricket. I also enjoy cooking and of course eating.

Uyen Tran (PhD student)

Uyen Tran (3rd year PhD student):

Uyen – the iron lady from Vietnam. She enjoys chemistry just a little bit less than Korean movies and music.

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Mohanad Hussein (2nd year PhD student):

Mohanad Hussein, obtained his BSc (2007) and MSc (2012) from the University of Bagdad/Iraq. He commenced as a lecturer in chemistry at the University of Kufa/Iraq (2012-2014). After that, he moved to Australia (2014) to study for his Ph.D. at University of New South Wales under the supervision of Dr. Vinh Nguyen. His current research interests with his are organocatalysis and develop new synthetic methodologies for organic chemistry applications. In his free time, Mohanad loves to play soccer, shopping with his family and runs his musician exercises. Mohanad does not dream in his sleep but dream the dreams he can achieve by working hard.


Giulia Oss (2nd year PhD student):

Hallo People! We all have a couple of sacred principles we believe in, mine are: there is nothing that a pizza can’t fix, the lab is my oyster and travelling is the only way you’ll never get older. Writing is my second passion and chemistry is my profession! I came all the way from Italy to spread the three loves: pizza, chemistry and travelling! I fight unexplainable reactions and lure students to the dark side, the chemistry side! Ciao!

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Kevin Luc (Honours student):

My name is Kevin but my team calls me Snorey McGee. I am currently a 4th year Science/engineering student majoring in chemistry and mechanical engineering respectively. When I’m not sleeping in lectures or at home or in class or in the lab, I enjoy procrastinating! But don’t let that fool you, I aim to be the best I can and I am not afraid to prove it!


Domenic Pace (Honours student):

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IMG_5479Gabriella Chalmers (Honours student):

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Past members:

Lisa Djuandhi (Honours student at UNSW – 2017)

Katharina Hock (exchange PhD student from RWTH Aachen – 2017)

Sander de Vos (exchange Master student from University of Amsterdam – 2017)

Ugur Kaya (exchange PhD student from RWTH Aachen – 2016)

Kevin Luc (3rd year at UNSW – 2016)

Marcus Bluemel (exchange PhD student from RWTH Aachen – 2015)

Joseph Lister (3rd year at Curtin Uni- 2014)

Michael Hall (3rd year at Curtin Uni – 2013)

Alp Bekensir (3rd year at Curtin Uni – 2013)